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Željko Blaće

(b.1976 Čapljina, Bosnia & Herzegovina)
living and working in Zagreb, Croatia
(or roaming around the region).

Went to elementary and grammar school in Capljina,
practiced sports and did live radio programs at local radio station.
As of 1995 moved to Zagreb to study at 
Academy of Fine Arts (prof. Miroslav Sutej and prof. Ladislav Galeta),
co-initiated/coordinated internet activities as first sys-admin there.

Worked at Multimedia Institute (co-founder, 1999), 
as coordinator of international projects and public programs in 
net.culture club MaMa (2001-2004, executive board member for 3 years).

As a professional in media culture and digital arts 
contributed to cultural programs of the Croatian Radio and TV, 
wrote for ICT magazines as well as cultural newspaper Zarez
(5 issues of LABinary newsletter on technology and media).
Published internationally in cultural magazines: 
* UMELEC (Czech Republic), SPRINGERIN (Austria), 
RAM4 reader (Finland) & NICE newspaper (Latvia)
and Croatian web portals - including:

Exhibited as visual/media artist and performed as VJ 
with electro-acoustic-glitch duo from Zagreb - Jeanne Fremaux. 
Participated as speaker/presenter at international media art events including: 
Ars Electronica Festival, Net Congestion, Next 5 Minutes 4, Transmediale,
Ping In Progress, Money Nations II, ncc48, NEURO... 

Organized large scale international events in Croatia: 
* week (Labin, Sept2000), 
* Art ServersUnlimited 2 (Labin, Sept2001),
* "Critical Upgrade!" (Zagreb, May2002) and 
* Next 5 Minutes - tactical media events (Dubrovnik and Vis, 2003)...

Was an art manager in residence at TheTHING NYC 
(oldest continuosly running art/culture web server) in November 2002.
Worked in organizing team of transmediale festival in Berlin 2004. 

Presented in academic programs of: 
* AVU Prague Media Department, 
* PietZwart Institute Rotterdam media design department, 
* UCLA Los Angeles media art+design, 
* UCSB Santa Barbara digital arts department, 
* UCSD San Diego visual arts department. 

Curated and produced exhibitions: 
* "GenArt" (May 2002) 
at Croatian Visual Artists Assotiation for, 
featuring works of Brian Eno, Jeffrey Shaw and Douglas I. Reppeto and 
* "Silent*Observers - streaming media and observation practices" 
at Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, Croatia (September 2005) and
at UCSD/Center for Research in Arts and Computing in San Diego (June2006),
featuring works of Wolfgang Steahle, Natalie Jeremijenko, Caspar Stracke, 
Michael Aschauer, Jussi Angleseva, Ross Cooper and others...
* "runtimeART" in Zagreb (June 2004) and Split (September 2004)
co-curated exhibition with Andreas Broeckmann
* "Creative Clusters" in Zagreb (April 2008) 
featuring work from PureData, Blender and Processing FLOSS AV communities

Was on selection committees of: 
* " award" Machida City Museum Japan (2006),
* Alternative Games exhibition Vancouver (June2005), 
* Ars Electronica PRIX Digital Communities (2004, 2005 & 2006).

Was a member of international editorial board for:
Next 5 Minutes 4, festival of tactical media in 2003 Amsterdam.

Currently producing multimedia webzine and researching topics of: 
* convergence of broadcast and (participatory) net media, 
* database aesthetics, 
* phenomena of clustered creativity, 
* queer identity and normalization of sport.